Drea Renee Knits

Hello and welcome! I am Andrea Mowry and I love to knit.


Knitwear Design

I have been designing unique  and fabulous-to-wear knits since 2014. I believe in enjoying every stitch  and wearing at least one hand knit everyday - obviously.

Style & Quality

I focus on designing accessories and garments to fit the modern wardrobe. Fun to knit and stylish to wear with clear directions for every level of knitter. I have a great love for learning new techniques and skills and try to share that with knitters thru my patterns. I believe one of the fabulous aspects to knitting is the multitude of ways you can end up with the same result. I hope to help you find the way you love best!

Creating & Supporting a Handmade Life

In my home I try to focus on a handmade life as much as possible. Knitting and sewing garments for myself and family, and cooking from scratch. I try to shop locally and to support small business whenever I can.  When I began designing it was very important to me to try to translate these feelings to my business. 

My goal is to support other small and independent businesses with my designs. In doing so many of the yarns you will see me use will be from either local or independent mills, dyers, yarn companies and my local yarn store.

Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.
— Elizabeth Zimmerman