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Stitches Midwest!

Andrea Mowry1 Comment

This past weekend I got to go to my first ever knitting event! I traveled to Chicago with my KNIT in COLOR partner, Lesley of Knit Graffiti, to explore Stitches Midwest. We had SO MUCH FUN!  Being surrounded my a bunch of fiber loving enthusiasts, stash enhancing and learning new techniques - how could it get any better??

This is how^^^^^^! Hanging out with Stephen West of West Knits was way too fun! He is an incredibly genuine, kind and funny person and he is really pushing this craft we all love so much to the next level! I am so thrilled to call him my friend!


I think I did pretty good on the stash enhancement/self control front in comparison to some of the #showusyourhaul pictures I have been seeing on Instagram!! I had to pick up some of my favorite - HedgeHog Fibres - Monarch, Tulp, Where's My Bike, Bike Bell, and I also snagged some new-to-me Miss Babs - Verrassing, and that amazing turquoise you see up there is from a Michigan dyer named Fiber Story - Koi Pond. I am already gearing up to start swatching for some new designs!

I wish I could hang out with that many knitters and yarn lovers all the time! Have you ever gone to a big knitting event? I would love to hear some recommendations, stories or tips! This certainly won't be my last!!