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Handmade Wardrobe // Metamorphic Dress

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This post is a wee bit different than my usual, but it's one I hope you will enjoy and maybe even resonate with!

I have had big dreams of learning to sew over the past few years, and I keep setting intentions to do it. But being a one-woman business and a mama to two babes under 4, doesn't leave much "me" time. Sewing a garment for myself felt selfish and I just couldn't justify taking the time for it.

But if I can get really honest here - I know that is not a healthy way to think. After a year of struggling with postpartum depression I have begun to take self care a lot more seriously. How can I take care of my loved ones, when I am struggling to care for myself? I've started small by prioritizing a 30 minute walk or run every workday. I've also been trying to get back into the kitchen, as I love to cook and know I feel so much better when I am eating food cooked at home. These little everyday things completely change my outlook on life. 

Well, after traveling, teaching, and designing - I got home and was feeling pretty drained. Thankfully, I had Meg McEwee's new pattern - the Metamorphic Dress, ready and waiting for me. I knew I just needed to push aside all of my excuses and schedule in my sewing time. As I washed, ironed and cut my fabric, I could feel the stress start to melt away. Excitement built as I began sewing, and I realized I was completely filled with joy. The joy of making just to make. The awe of watching my own hands create something beautiful to wear.

I will be the first to tell you - I am a total novice when it comes to sewing! But even for a newbie like me, I never felt in over my head. This pattern was clear, easy to read, and I love the "Burrito Role Method" tutorial! Any terms that were new to me, a quick google search clarified. (Yes, when I ready "clip the curves" my first inclination was to grab my sewing clips and actually put plastic clips on the curved neckline - LOL!)

It was pure glee when trying it on for the first time and realizing IT FITS! But wait, not only does it fit - but I LOVE IT!!! Y'all - I have worn this dress every day since I finished it! And each of those days I felt confident, proud, and totally filled up. I am so grateful that I finally took these precious moments, and even more so to the other artists out there that inspire me to create!


I've already cast on a new oversized cardi design to pair with my Metamorphic dress! In these photos (snapped by my amazing husband, Peter Mowry (@petermowryphotography) while out playing with my kiddos), I paired my dress with my Kingsley hat and Raina Shawl (from the current issue of Making).


A few pattern details: I chose to sew a Size 6 and it fits perfectly as a loose drapey dress, perfect for layering! I'm thinking about sewing up a second in a size down for summertime! I am a total newbie at buying fabric but if memory serves, I used Robert Kaufman Rayon/Linen blend for the top layer and the under layer is Technicolor- A Dream Weaves Collection by Kathy Hall Q-Tip Grey, and I purchased both at Dry Goods Design in Seattle :)