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The Golden Hour // A New Pattern

Andrea Mowry7 Comments

The day is finally here!! I shared a sneak peek of this pretty new shawl over a month ago in my weekly DRK Newsletter! I am so excited to finally release The Golden Hour Shawl so that you can all knit your own! This is the shawl of my dreams - loads of texture (hello BOBBLES!), fun color play that is easy enough for a newbie, and it knits up super quick thanks to worsted weight yarn!! I had so much fun with this one that I knit a second one in less than a week!!

Full disclosure - y'all, naming patterns can be HARD! LOL! Sometimes the name will come to me as soon as the idea of the design does, but if not - wowza. It can end up being the hardest part! So I've gone through about a dozen different names for this shawl, and just kept changing my mind. But as my husband and I raced out for the photo shoot last night, at that breathtaking hour of glowy summer sunlight - it all fell into place.

You see, we pretty much ONLY do photo shoots on over cast days. Any of my fellow photographers will probably agree that when it is overcast - magic happens! The photos look beautiful, and the stitch definition - woah mama! Sunny days on the other hand can be very tough. Things get washed out, funky shadows show up everywhere and it's hard to show the true colors of the yarn. The good news? We live in Michigan! So if you wait a day or two, you'll get the necessary gloom for the perfect photos. Until now. We waited for over a week, and day after day was bold sun with ne'er a cloud to be seen. We finally came to the last day we could take photos and we knew we just had to go for it, and hopefully learn how to take some bright light pictures that we love!

Well, thanks to that magical hour before the sun dips below the horizon, my husband was able to capture some pictures that we think are pretty special. It was also the best reminder that we should always push ourselves to learn new things, even when we feel doubtful or scared!

Maybe this pattern will give you that same opportunity for learning! Are you new to bobbles? Check out my video here for how to do them without needing to turn your work! May the garter tab cast on has felt intimidating?? I've got a video to help you through that one, too!

No matter where you are in your crafting journey - I hope it is filled with joy and learning!

You can snag your copy of The Golden Hour Shawl HERE or HERE !!

P.S. Save 10% on The Golden Hour Shawl with coupon code GOLDENHOUR through 7/11/18 at midnight EST!


I'd also like to give a big congratulations to Kaitlin, the winner of the Woolberry giveaway!! Thank you to everyone who left comments - they were so much fun to read! Happy summer knitting!