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stEEK-along! Let's take the EEK out of steeking!!

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Happy Monday! This week I am teaming up with two amazing designers - Shannon Cook of So Very Shannon and Caitlin Hunter of Boyland Knitworks - to challenge ourselves to explore Steeking with a little Instagram stEEk-along!

Have you every steeked? Do you know what steeking is? Do you want to join us?!

In a nutshell, steeking is a method that allows you to knit your project entirely in the round (always a bonus in my book!), and then by reinforcing the stitches on either side of your cutting line (usually with crochet or a sewing machine), you then take the scissors to your knit, and snip snip snip! Perfect for cardigans, armholes, and even bonnets! This is especially useful for colorwork, as it is a lot easier to knit and follow a colorwork chart on the right side (or front) of your work, then on the wrong side (or back.)

I've done my homework and sketched up a little color chart I plan to follow for my swatch. I am going to use Brooklyn Tweed's new DK yarn, Arbor, in Humpback and Thaw. I have been dying to get these colors on my needles together! From what I have read, it is best to use a stickier yarn - so non-superwash wool is ideal. I think Shelter or Loft would be even better! I think for the first time around, avoiding super slick superwash yarns seems to be a good idea.

I am referencing this tutorial from Tin Can Knits, for when I am ready to do my cutting. There are lots of tutorials out there - so pick whichever speaks to you!

So here are the details if you want to join in on the fun!!

Beginning on Monday, April 3: Pick your yarn and start your swatch! Remember that you are knitting in the round ;) Not a fan of colorwork - no problem! You can swatch in one color, or choose stripes, or whatever fits your fancy! Make sure to post a picture of your yarn and scissors on Instagram and use the tag #stEEKal and #swatchnsteek, so we can all follow along and support each other!

4/3-4/10: Post a picture of your finished swatch before cutting it and tag it with #stEEKal #preop #beforethesteek

Monday, April 10: Snip day!! We will take the fear out of cutting into our knits and snip snip snip! Post a video or before and after pictures on Instagram with the tags #stEEKal and #snipyourknits!

Are you a seasoned steeker?? Tell us your favorite tips or share links to your favorite tutorials in the comments below! <3 <3 <3

Congratulations to the winner of Circus Tonic Handmade giveaway - Chris Hindle!! I've messaged you :)