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Sheltered Poncho // A New Pattern

knitting, new pattern, sale, ponchoAndrea Mowry7 Comments

Oh. My. It is hard to find the words to express how excited I am for today's pattern release - the Sheltered Poncho. "Why?" You might ask...

Well - I finished this poncho back in January, but I don't allow myself to wear my designs until they are photographed and all ready to publish. And well, in January, I was already pretty "rounded" with a baby in my belly. Annnnd I tend to spill things. So yes, much better to wait until after there are plenty of pretty pictures to document the new design before it has truly had a day in the life of Andrea. (I would love to blame those messes on my kids - but let's be honest, I'm usually the culprit.)

This poncho folks - this is my "perfect wardrobe staple." I am all about layering, and really all about flattering garments to any body shape and size. Ponchos and drapey capey's - they're my jam. And this - well, this is the king of the crop, in my not so humble opinion (insert blushing emoji here.) And now I am so excited to finally be able to wear it! (I don't care if it is 90 degrees here right now - that's what early morning walks and AC are for!)

So let's talk about this poncho! It is a breeze to knit up in worsted weight. If you choose a nice lofty woolen spun yarn (like Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter) it is still incredibly light weight, while also cozy. Most importantly, it fits in perfectly to a modern wardrobe with faux seams, subtle texture and a cowl neck. The back hem is a bit longer (perfect for wearing over leggings), and let's not forget the hood!

So are you ready to get your favorite fall wardrobe staple on your needles? (Hello Rhinebeck sweater!) How about a little discount to celebrate? Use the coupon code SHELTERED to save 15% thru 7/20/16 at midnight EST!

Seriously folks, I really do hope you love this pattern as much as me!