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Naturally Straight Forward

Andrea MowryComment

Good Morning!! I am so SO so thrilled to share an incredibly special collaboration with you today! Annie Rowden of by Annie Claire is one of my dearest friends that I have met thru knitting! We have come together to design some patterns that we hope you will find to be simple, therapeutic, nurturing and interesting to knit!

With a focus on natural yarns - “Naturally”, and leaning heavily on stripes - “Straight”, Andrea Mowry and Annie Rowden bring you a gentle collection of patterns designed to occupy your hands and soothe your mind, moving you “Forward” through whichever place in life you find yourself.

Today we release the first two patterns in our collection! Annie has designed a beautiful, reverse stockinette sweater, Pasture, with stripe detail and boxy silhouette that will flatter any body type! My contribution is Open Sky, an easy to wear, cushy, semi-circle shawl with stripes of stockinette, garter and a simple lace pattern. The shawl pairs just as well with tanks and spring dresses in the warmer months, as it does sweaters and jackets to keep you guarded from those brisk autumn and winter winds.

“Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world.” - Oprah Winfrey Knitting fills me up. It gives me energy on those long hard days that try their best to drain me completely. Knitting challenges me to grow and learn when I need to, and offers me comfort with its rhythm when my heart aches. I knit when I wake up, while the rest of the house sleeps, and for every spare minute of the day until I go to bed at night. My family has grown accustomed to the soft clicking of my needles as part of the soundtrack to their days. I want to share this gift with everyone I can. For my friend who needs something to keep her hands busy, to my neighbor who has an empty nest and a love for crafting, to the stranger who keeps glancing over with curiosity at our Sunday knitting group. How lucky we are to have such a brilliant and portable form of self-expression, that results in clothing and accessories for ourselves, our families and our friends. And lucky even more, that there are so many knitty friends out there to make, to fill us up, and to share our passion.
- Andrea Mowry

Knitting to me is like coming home. From the moment I began learning to knit it felt, in a way, like I already knew how. I stumbled at all the places beginners do, but I never thought once about giving up, for the rhythm of my needles working, and the fabric they created were, and still are addicting and invigorating. The amount of time I have spent with my knitting has come and gone a bit, as some things do, yet there is an unmistakable pattern to it; the more crazy life seems, the more I crave my knitting. I’ve always been creative and played around with other tools and materials, but knitting has me reaching that place of “flow” more quickly than anything else - the place where you are so completely absorbed by a project that nothing else seems to matter. Gone are the worries of a busy day, a tough week and deadlines ahead. As my hands work, my mind calms down. In fact it’s almost a bonus that there is the additional outcome of a gorgeous cabled cardigan or lacy pair of socks.
The best times for me and my needles are at the very beginning and the end of the day - even just a few rows betters what happens until I next find my needles. How lucky I am to share this with you by designing patterns and (hopefully) guiding you to that place of “flow”.
- Annie Rowden

I hope you will join us in knitting up some beautiful, relaxing pieces! We will be having a knitalong over in my Ravelry group starting on October 1!