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Introducing: //KNIT in COLOR//

Andrea Mowry7 Comments

You know those people in your life that enhance your love for something wonderful? Let me give you an example - my little sister is hilarious and she is always just a second away from laughing. Go see a comedy with her at the theater and it will be the funniest movie you have ever seen because she will be laughing so hard that you can't help but laugh too, and then before you know it the whole theater is in an uproar and every little joke and silly face in that theater is bringing you to joyful tears and you burned 500 calories and your abs are sore and life is good - all from laughing. I love that.

People who enhance our life like that, who bring that extra spark and joy to our days, are so special. My personal goal is to fill my life with those people. So, let me introduce you to one such person, Lesley Robinson, or as you may know her on Instagram and Ravelry - KnitGraffiti.

Lesley and I have been knitting together for a long time, and more importantly -  yarn shopping together! We spend our excursions drooling over the hot pinks and neon peaches and, most of all, the turquoises, and we dream of a world where everyone knits in color and preferably in brioche and always with friends, while drinking coffee. (Now don't get me wrong - I love knitting with neutrals, in broken stockinette, alone, while drinking tea, but hey - we are dreaming here, people.) Lesley is the one that I share all of my colorful guilty pleasures with - conversations about Stephen West and our favorite Indy Dyers takes up about 95% of our time. All of this yarn petting, coffee drinking and brioche knitting led us to a new venture that we are really excited to finally share with all of you!

Lesley and I will be designing a collection of patterns with a focus on, or maybe better put - exploring - COLOR! We are collaborating with some really amazing yarn dyers who are helping push our creative boundaries to live life a little brighter!  This coming Monday, July 20, we will be releasing our first Knit in Color patterns! I am so excited to share parts of our creative process and conversations with our collaborators right here as we set out on this new adventure. I would love for you to join us and become a part of that conversation!!